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“LineRider is a nifty little flash game released at It is wildly addicting to some people. I myself play it obsessively.

LineRider is a basic flash game. In fact, it is not really even a game since there are no real goals or objectives.

You draw a black line on a white background and press play. A little stick figure fella on a sled pops out of nowhere land and sleds down your new line you just drew.

Seems pretty basic and silly right? True, to a point.”

Matthew L. King, October 2, 2006

King cites this amazing example of what someone (with too much time on their hands) can do with this simple idea:

And you can go make your own, here:

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  1. just found some cool line rider videos on
    you d better check it out. they also have other version of line rider.

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