Congress in 30 Seconds

A short while before the Foley story broke, I was putting together a post about a contest the Sunlight Foundation is running called Congress in 30 seconds. They have a series of web gizmos at the site that allow you to splice together your own 30 TV spot, with film clips and sound and text on the screen. The idea is to create an ad showing what you think members of Congress spend their day doing.

Josh Marshall, October 20, 2006

I was sent to Marshall’s succinct description by a TechRhet post (a listserv I subscribe to) and I thought it would be a great Wednesday video post. There’s also a contest and the winner gets $5000.00. Right now it’s dominated by “kick out the bums” videos, like the one above, but that may change. Check back often, I bet as more videos and music gets uploaded things will get really fun.

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