WordIQ.com: A Dream of Dogs

Interpretation: A dream of dogs is usually a fairly good omen. A dog barking happily shows that you will have a pleasing social life. A friendly, happy dog shows that you have lots of good friends. A dog barking and snarling fiercely at you shows you have some unfriendly friends, and also, if the dream dog is big and powerful, as well as friendly, shows that you have a very powerful protector.

The above is the first result of doing a search on WordIQ.com for “dog” and then clicking on the “Dreams” tab. Other tabs include “Search,” “Definitions,” “Ebooks,” “Reference,” “Articles,” and “The Web.” The “Definitions” tab results range form British TV shows (“Dog Eat Dog”) to “Gun Dog.” This might be the Google of the future, or at least an etymologist’s dream. I wasn’t dreaming of dogs, but I was thinking about my dog’s dreams.

Or, really, her thoughts as we walked around the neighborhood this morning. It was so frozen and cold that the sidewalks had not been cleared in most places, and my face felt as if it might be on the verge of a wind burn. But Bear was hardly affected by the temperature at all. As we walked, she seemed to be looking up though the trees at the ice and then the sky beyond. I think she was happy.

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