EduSpaces is a social network set up for those interested in all aspects of Education. EduSpaces is powered by the awesome Elgg, a white label social networking platform. For more information about Elgg check out the project site:

from, “What is Eduspaces.”

I am not sure either, it’s a kind of blog of blogs, or a place where you can set up a blog if it is related to education. It seems to be very heavily international, and tag-clouded until the cows come home. I am not sure what I think of these thematic meta-blogs, but they are popping up all over.

I recently did a “show all posts” search at EduSpaces and came up with everything from Physics demonstrations to discussions of t-shirts, in at least three languages. I am not sure what t-shirts have to do with education, but maybe I am old fashioned. (Not that I wore a tie when I taught brick and mortar.)

I just checked again and the first entry today is about a pair of exclusive tennis shoes. Still, I did find this cool report on University Publishing In A Digital Age. I fret about insularity– already the defining characteristic of academia– but maybe this cross-pollination thing is a good idea after all.

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