Iowa: Edwards Takes on Corporate Greed

“Everything about America is threatened today … this is an epic struggle for the future of America,” Edwards told the cheering crowd. “Corporate greed and the very powerful use their money to control Washington and this corrupting influence is destroying the middle class.”

Marc Cooper, Posted December 29, 2007.

As Paul Krugman recently confirmed in his column for the New York Times, Obama is attempting to compare labor unions and progressive interests with groups that advocate for corporations as he criticizes Edwards, those recent Iowa ads and tries to link Edwards to Washington lobbyists.

But by doing just this, Obama glaringly leaves the door wide open on his own involvement with big business lobbyists and more importantly his denial of what’s at stake in this era of rampant corporate greed.

Christine Escobar,, Posted December 30, 2007

I am not sure who I will vote for, either in the upcoming Illinois primary or in the election next November. In all honesty, the Democratic slate seems to be an embarrassment of riches and the Republican gang simply embarrassing. According to Glassbooth, Dennis Kucinich is closest to my views.

I often vote impractically, so to speak, rather than pragmatically, so I may go with the statistical match in the end. If I were in Iowa this week, though, I would be voting for John Edwards. Senator Clinton may the toughest dog in the pack, and Senator O’Bama the most symbolically interesting, but they are both too rooted in the old corporate Democratic system.

If Edwards is nominated and then elected, he will have to face these same pressures to conform, and the same need to organize anti-corporate coalitions in Congress, but he at least has a professional history of fighting corporate greed and power. He seems to be the only one that knows that, say, Greenpeace and the AFL-CIO are not ‘special interests’ in the same way as, say, GM or Ford. He has the best chance to end the war quickly, and the least likely to fight to preserve the for-profit health care system.

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