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Another end of the year piece– this time in the Washington Post (“Guest post: Eight thoughts on higher education in 2012,” Daniel de Vise)–decrying the state of Higher Education in the U.S. and calling for reform, if in a very vague fashion. The main point seems to be that “we” (meaning the administrators in control of universities) need to think differently. I don’t know how these guys avoiding saying “outside the box.”

In this piece– written from deep within the reality distortion field–everyone is doing their best, gosh darn, except that there are these “conditions” that seem to be causing so much trouble.  We (those administrators again) can only raise tuition so far, for example, because, well, there’s a “practical ceiling”– e.g. people run out of money, especially when the few is growing so rich at the expense of the many.

In the optimistic view of Masters Clark and Eyring the university is experiencing the “short-term disruptions” of innovation.  All will be well if we (administrators) embrace the “profitable opportunities” of online education. In other words, business focused models have nearly destroyed the traditional university so only business focused models can fix it. You have to burn the village to save it.

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