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And now we are left only with the politics of “Change” – which is anything the various audiences want it to be. Through relentless pandering to white desires for an end to Black agitation and reminders of enduring institutional racism, Obama has proven his ability to amass huge white support. As a result, much of Black America may become convinced the last hurdle to putting a Black Face in the Highest Place has been overcome, and shift overwhelmingly to Hillary’s estranged Black political twin. Corporate America, never threatened by either candidate, has long been comfortable with the outcome of this race, whichever way it goes – that’s why they put their money on both Barack and Hillary.

After Obama thanked his supporters for making him a close second in New Hampshire, the sound system blared a Stevie Wonder song with the hook, “Here I am, baby, signed sealed, delivered, I’m yours.”

For whom were those lyrics meant?

Glen Ford, January 9, Black Agenda Report

I won’t add much to this, expect to say that the piece and the comments are worth reading. Ford traces in some detail Obama’s long history of vagueness and political opportunism, particularly when it comes to the war in Iraq and Health Care. At one level it’s not surprising to hear this about a mainstream Democratic candidate. At another it is just sad.

Calling Obama and Clinton ‘sinister twins’ may be hyperbole, but if you look over the sources of their money at Open Secrets, it looks perfectly justified. The top candidates supported by commercial banks, for example, are Clinton ($935,658) and Obama ($865,856). The third is Romney, fourth Giuliani , and fifth, McCain. Edwards is eighth ($153,650).

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